Saying that Justin Bieber has had a tough year so far is a bit of an understatement. He broke up with his girlfriend, got caught smoking weed, had his car wrecked by his friend, cancelled concerts, puked on stage, plus his hamster died, and he nearly got into a fight with a photographer. I think Justin just had enough. He WENT OFF on Instagram today, unleashing this rant upon the world:

To sum things up, he's sick of the haters and bad press. Of course, that's the edited version of his rant. When he originally put it up, he took a cheap shot at Lindsay Lohan when comparing himself to her. He took it down, and edited it out, but it's the internet, so you can find it out there if you look for it.

For The Onion's take on the whole matter, check this out:,31621/

Good stuff.