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By Marc Inocencio

Miley Cyrus took a break from making hearts palpitate when she sat mostly incognito in the audience at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday and refrained from twerking with her now-famous foam finger onstage.

The controversial pop star, nevertheless, was next morning’s news when she was accused of throwing shade at Best Male Video recipient, Ed Sheeran, as he walked past her during his trip to the podium.


Fans and tabloids who took a hard enough glance at the brief encounter allege Miley of mouthing a vile word at the British singer, who seemingly reacted by giving her a hard pass.

Whether she has longstanding beef with Ed, or if she was just being Miley, On Air with Ryan Seacrest dialed in E! News correspondent Ken Baker to discuss the split-second run-in.

“I’m going to tell you that she definitely said it [a**hole],” Ken tells us. “I studied the tape, it is clear what she said. There is no question about it. So I guess the question becomes, ‘Well, was it out of just joking or was she angry?’”

Ken, who teetered on the side of conflict between the two pop stars, reminded Ryan and Ellen K. of Ed’s September 2013 interview with The Mirror where he scrutinized Miley’s VMAs performance and said, “It’s a stripper’s move.” The reporter also pitched another possibility, which he coined, “Hollywood High School.”

“Ed is very close friends with Taylor Swift,” he said. “Now, in the past — and I’m going back, you know, a little bit ancient history at least two, three years ago — Miley had beef with Taylor Swift, because they were friends at one point. And then Taylor became friend with Selena [Gomez], and Selena and Miley have had a longstanding feud.”

Do you think there’s bad blood between Miley and Ed, or is this just an inaccurate lip-read that was blown out of proportion?