This Guy Has Had A Pet Raccoon For A Year!

I'd like to introduce you to Tito The Raccoon! The adorable critter lives a different life than most of his species thanks to the contant care of his owner. Worth noting, it's clearly not advised to try this at home and Tito's owner is the first to admit that.

 Apparently baby raccoons can develop cute ,but bad, habits like nibbling on ears that can develop into a serious problem as it gets older and grows bigger, sharper teeth. Many are given up to be raised by animal rescue agencies once they outgrow their "cute" stage and become larger, more aggressive adults. 

What do you think? Would you ever follow in this Eli Manning look-alike's footsteps and raise your own pet raccoon? 

P.S. you can check out more of Tito's adventures here.

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Photo: YouTube/TitoTheRaccoon


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