These Guys Built LEGO Go-Karts and Drove Them Around Town

Photo: YouTube - MrBeast

What would you do if you saw some guys steering their big rolling pile of LEGOS into the drive-thru? If you're anything like me, you'd probably pull out your phone to snap a quick picture. Somehow, the dudes behind the MrBeast YouTube channel got their hands on plenty of oversize building blocks and decked out several go-karts with them. 

After that, they decided to take them out for a quick spin around town (fun to watch, illegal to do.. so please don't try at home) before eventually getting pulled over by, you guessed it, local law enforcement. Luckily, everyone had a great attitude about the situation. Both sides walked away after a laugh and a promise from the "master builders" to never repeat their little excursion.

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Photo: YouTube/MrBeast


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