Disney Imagineers Have Created Robot Stunt Doubles!


We've heard of robots that can clean floors and cook burgers, but did you know stuntbots are a thing now? 

Disney has a special group of Imagineers working in the Struntronics department. Rather than build the big bulky bolted-down animatronics you'd see on the Pirates of The Carribean ridethe stuntronics Imagineers are developing their own high-flying team of acrobatic robots.

One of the bots looks a bit like a pogo stick, while another more advanced model can soar over 30 feet in the air and self-correct to land the perfect backflip (or triple backflip) every single time. 

What do you think of robotic stunt doubles? I'd love to see them used instead of certain computer generated stunts used in many high-budget films today. Of course, there will always be a need for real living, breathing stunt doubles.  I just think robots like this could help drive filmmakers to include more real-life stunts in their productions rather than relying on CGI stunts inserted in post-production. 

Double-bonus.. think about all the stage shows Disney could use these things for in their theme parks! 

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