LIVE FEED: Jet Carrying Post Malone Attempting Emergency Landing

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Teterboro Plane With 2 Blown Tires Diverted To Orange Co., NY Airport

LIVE NOW: A London-bound plane that left Teterboro Airport this morning with two blown tires is being diverted to New York Stewart International Airport in Orange County. UPDATE: According to unconfirmed reports, rapper Post Malone and his entourage are on the plane. They were reportedly headed to London for a concert.

Posted by CBS New York on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

** The jet carrying Post Malone landed safely at Stewart Airport shortly before 4 PM EST **

The private jet carrying Post Malone and his team blew out 2 tires while taking off in New Jersey this afternoon. The plane is expected to attempt an emergency landing at Stewart Airport any moment now. 

This article will be updated as we receive new information.


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