Plane Carrying Post Malone Lands Safely At Stewart Airport

Post Malone and 15 members of his team were aboard a private jet that blew out 2 tires while taking off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to head to London. The jet initially circled an airport in Massachusetts before moving into the Hudson Valley and circling Stewart Airport.

 The reason the plane stayed in the air for so long instead of attempting to land immediately is because the pilots needed to burn off some of the fuel that was meant to get the jet all the way across the Atlantic. Attempting to land with a full fuel load can be extremely dangerous.

Post's plane landed safely right around 3:54 PM. 

Scott's take: Although some viewers on Facebook said the landing looked "routine", the truth is that the immensely talented pilots had to land on two blown out tires, which is ABSOLUTELY considered an emergency landing. It was the pilots' skill that made the resolution to a truly scary situation look like a normal landing. Remember the JetBlue flight that had a twisted front wheel and miraculously landed safely, but with a huge shower of sparks? THAT is the sort of landing that first responders at Stewart Airport were preparing for. I'm glad to see that in this case,


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