VIDEO: Man Uses A Marching Band To Quit His Job

** Video contains mild language ** 

This is Joey. Joey worked at a fancy hotel for over 3 years and had apparently dealt with enough nonsense to leave.. forever. 

How do you quit a job that you despise and know you'd NEVER return to? Some people take the polite two weeks notice route, but Joey wanted to go out with a little more flair than that..... so he called up some of his friends in a marching band to help him make the big announcement.

Joey carefully led his group of merry musicians through the employee-only hallways (passing a rather interesting "3 Days Without A Lost Time Accident" sign) before encountering the boss-man himself, who looked none-too-pleased to see the uninvited guests. No matter, Joey dropped the truth bomb that he was leaving and then kept to his word by making a very loud exit from the building with a little help from the band. I bet a guest complained about the noise! 

While  there are certainly better ways to leave a job that also don't burn as many bridges, I'd be hard-pressed to find a more entertaining way to quit!

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