VIDEO: Weather Channel Rolls Out New 3D Flood Graphics

This isn't your small-time news station green screen weather report! The Weather Channel rolled out an entirely new way of depicting the danger of Hurricane Florence's storm surge by using state-of-the-art computer generated graphics. 

Amazingly, the whole thing is actually made possible through the same tech used to create big-budget video games including Fortnight: Battle Royale. The same Unreal 4 Engine used to generate the game's graphics also rendered the massive CGI floodwaters that rose around the Weather Channel's meteorologists. There were even virtual fish swimming around in the background!

Scott's take: This sort of technology does MUCH more than just look cool to the viewer. It shows the impact and potential danger of Hurricane Florence in a way that is very easy to understand. Showing the sheer volume of flood water from the storm surge will help show those considering ignoring evacuation orders why they should follow the professionals' instructions and get out while they still can. It also helps those watching in non-hurricane-prone areas picture the potential danger and better sympathize with those who are impacted.

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