Box Office Breakdown: "The Predator" & "A Simple Favor" Debut

Three new films hit theaters back Friday.

A Simple Favor, starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, is plot-twist-filled thriller about the mysterious and sudden disappearance of a single mother.

The Predator is a gore-packed action film from the Alien Vs. Predator universe featuring the return of the dreadlocked, helmet-wearing predator creatures paving their own path of destruction.

White Boy Rick follows a struggling single father who turns to the illegal arms and drug trade to make ends meet. His son, however, must keep himself out of prison by working as an FBI informant. 

As always if you have seen any of these films, let me know what you thought down in the comments section! 

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#5 - Crazy Rich Asians - $8.7 million - Stars Ken, Jeong, Awkwafina, Henry Goulding, and Constance Wu


#4 - White Boy Rick - $8.8 million - Stars Matthew McConaughey and YG


#3 - A Simple Favor - $16 million - Stars Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick


#2 - The Nun - $18.2 million - Stars Taissa Farmiga & Bonnie Aarons


#1 - The Predator - $24 million - Stars Olivia Munn and Keegan-Michael Key



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