Kevin Hart Hilariously Reacts To Robert Irwin's Animals


14-year-old Robert Irwin, son of the late great Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night to show off a few of his favorite animals and share some fascinating facts about them. 

Did you know an ostrich can take on a fully grown lion if it really has to? Kevin Hart didn't and was quick to jump up and give Robert's baby bird plenty of space by escaping to the other side of Jimmy's desk. I've got to admit, Kevin's reactions are absolutely what I would've done, especially when Robert brought out several snakes and a big hairy tarantula that gets angry when you breath on or near it!

Two big parts of the segment stood out to me:

1. Robert Irwin laughed at Kevin Hart a TON and clearly had a blast showing him the animals (so please don't get angry and say Kevin was trying to "steal the show")

2. For being 14, Robert handles himself very maturely in front of the camera JUST like his famous animal-loving father used to. He's informative, funny, understanding of why Kevin gets so startled by.. well.. EVERYTHING, and is patient. 

Can somebody PLEASE make a show where Robert Irwin shows various exotic animal species to a new celebrity every week? Maybe he could even solicit donations to the Australia Zoo to benefit rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Just an idea! 

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