Marshmello and Bastille's "Happier" Music Video Will Make You Cry


You know that saying about pets that goes, "they may only be around part of your life, but to them, you are their whole life?" This video embodies that idea and then some.

Marshmello and Bastille's "Happier" music video focuses on a young girl having a horrible birthday party chock full of mean friends blowing out the candles, screaming at her, and popping balloons. Just as she starts to cry, the girl is given a little yellow bow.... and an adorable puppy who she quickly gives the bow to.

Childhood goes by fast! The video reflects that with scenes of the girl getting braces, getting bullied, and trying (and failing) to get picked for the school soccer team. Even when things don't go her way, the loyal dog is always there to try cheering her up. 

The unconditional love our pets give us is truly beautiful. They don't care what others say or think about you. They don't care whether or not you aced that test or made the team. They care about being around YOU. It's what brings them more joy than anything else. 

The final part of the video is a tearjerker that I will not spoil. Just know that this music video is filled with ups and downs, but the very last few seconds bring it all back together. You'll definitely smile, you'll probably cry too, and in the end.. you'll love it. Trust me.

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