Bottoms Up! Ryan Seacrest & Silk Sonic Celebrate 'Leave The Door Open' Drop

Now this is a vibe! Ryan Seacrest celebrated the world premiere of “Leave The Door Open” with Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s new band Silk Sonic.

Bruno and Anderson, who met back on the European leg of Mars’ 24K Magic World Tour in 2017, announced the creation of Silk Sonic last month. On Friday, March 5, the Grammy winners dropped “Leave The Door Open,” the first single off their forthcoming album, which they have quarantine to thank for the creation.

“Everybody’s been saying this has been a secret, how is it supposed to be going to the studio?” the duo shared with Seacrest on-air, sipping on mimosas while reflecting on the hype that came with their announcement. “… We want to know these songs feel right before releasing them to the world, so we’ve just been camping out.”

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

“We would sneak off to studios in Europe and record songs,” Mars added of how the two hit it off, revealing it all started after one of .Paak's birthday celebrations when they hit the studio after a couple drinks.

“We had a ball and it snowballed into ‘Well, come back and let’s do another one.’ And that turned into Silk Sonic.”

The band’s first single “Leave The Door Open” perfectly sets the tone for the duo.

“I think it’s the product of what me and Andy grew up listening to,” Mars shared, revealing they’re going to take their time to release singles off their forthcoming album, a lesson in gratitude they learned from having to slow down amid COVID-19 quarantine.

“We’re putting a whole album out … [but] it’s about slowing time down,” Bruno added. “I think what quarantine has done is made you realize what’s important. … We were going a million miles an hour. … I tell Andy all the time — it’s nothing to brag about — I wish I could write a song that I’m proud of every day, but it just takes a while and I want people to hear these songs, enjoy these songs, and let these songs breathe instead of like, 'Here you go!' We work too hard. Let ‘Let The Door Open’ do its thing and then when we’re ready we’re going to put the next one out and the next out. … We’re not trying to put out 50 songs. We only have a handful of songs and we want you to hear them.”

And, yes, they want you to make babies to this jam 😂

Take a listen for yourself and check out the music video, as well as the rest of the infectious interview with Seacrest, in the videos above!