Man's Last Name Is So Vulgar His Wife Doesn't Want Their Kids To Use It

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Often, parents struggle with what name to give their child, but when it comes to the kid's last name, many couples follow the tradition of using the father's surname. That's what one soon-to-be mom and dad decided to do, but the pregnant woman is struggling with her husband's last name, so much so that she can't fathom giving it to her kids. That's because his last name is Butt.

She explained her quandary on Reddit, writing, "My husband's last name is Butt. Can someone please help me illuminate to him why this last name is less than ideal? I totally get we can't shield kids from everything and I understand the whole family ties thing but c'mon. Am I being unreasonable by suggesting our future kid either take my name, a hybrid, or a new one altogether?"

It might seem like a fake post, but Butt is really a last name that, according to, comes from the Old English "butta," or "something or someone short and stumpy." It also describes a person who lived near a mound, like a butte.

Of course, these days butt has a different meaning, so commenters on the Reddit post sympathized with the woman, writing things like, "You are absolutely not being unreasonable. Your husband's last name is objectively pretty awful, and of course, you don't want your child to have it," and, "I’m honestly shocked your husband hasn’t changed his last name yet." Others wrote, "My husband's boss has a horrendous last name, worse than Butt, but he was self-aware enough to suggest his kids take his wife's name. So that's what they did and everyone's happy, except for the boss's parents," and, "If you have to explain it to him, he's beyond help."

If you think having Butt has a last name is odd, per, people were using it as a first name up until the year 1200. As for Mrs. Butt, who likely still goes by her maiden name, there is no word yet on what she plans to do in this situation, but keep an eye on the post on Reddit to see if she updates it.

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