Photo: Super Deluxe

Do you remember that little egg shaped handheld virtual pet game called Tamagotchi? The main point of the game was to care for your pixelated pet by pressing buttons to feed, clothe, and play with it.

The video wizes over at Super Deluxe decided to put on a modern spin on the classic game by setting up an entire 3 hour long Facebook Live broadcast with their own human Tamagotchi nicknamed Addis. As viewers clicked different react buttons or sent money to Super Deluxe via Venmo, they actually controlled everything from the food served to Addis to the music played in his room. 

As you can see in the photo above, people actually voted for his first meal to be a Tide Pod. He didn't actually eat it of course, but he later drank a bottle of vinegar that viewers voted on as his "liquid food". Don't worry, not all the choices were that mean!

A hilarious text-to-speech robotic voice encouraged viewers to make each choice and also communicated directly with Addis to direct him around his room.

Kudos to whoever thought this up and to the guy playing Addis for putting up with so much while on camera for hours at a time! 

Watch the original broadcast in all its nostalgic glory below!

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