How To Make Movie Theater Popcorn

Popcorn is hands down my favorite snack and since today is National Popcorn Day, I've got a list of what you'll need to whip up a batch that tastes as good or better than the stuff served in theaters. Now I'm not saying this is remotely healthy, but it's crucial to get ALL of the below ingredients to make your popcorn taste like pure fluffy little bits of foodheaven itself. 

Fun fact, I've absolutely ordered a full gallon of movie theater butter topping (this exact one) online and it still goes down as one of the best, most artery clogging purchases I've ever made. What can I say? I'm a food sinner!

 P.S. Flavocol is probably the most crucial element to all this because it adds ultra-fine salt, deliciously buttery flavor, and the yellow color you expect from theater popcorn. 

Here's what you need:

1. Coconut Oil (like this stuff)

2. Flavocol Butter Flavored Salt (Tastes amazing, looks like this and lasts HUNDREDS of batches)

3. Butter Flavored Topping (Do NOT use butter. Try Snappy Butter Burst Oil or LouAna Popcorn Topping, which I've seen used at multiple theater chains)


Here's what to do (assuming you don't have a popcorn machine at home):

1. Scoop some coconut oil (solid at room temperature) into a pot that can hold 3 or more quarts

2. Turn the stove on medium heat

3. When the oil all turns to liquid, add in desired amount of corn kernels

4. Immediately after pouring in the corn, add a teaspoon of Flavocol, COVER THE POT

5. Continue heating for another 3-5 minutes. Shake the pot regularly to reduce chances of the corn scorching

6. Keep shaking the pot as your corn starts to pop and continue until your hear several seconds pass between pops

7. Turn off stove, ADD BUTTER TOPPING WHILE THE CORN IS HOT, season to your liking with additional Flavocol or regular salt.

8. Enjoy your batch of Papa Scott's Farm Fresh Movie Theater Popcorn 

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