Red Cross Needs More Broome County Blood Donations

Do you fear needles at all? That makes two of us! 

No matter how scared of that little pinprick we may be, there's a whole lot of good that can be done with a tiny bit of extra time and brief discomfort. 

According to a Fox 40 report, the American Red Cross is urgently seeking additional blood donations in Broome County because this year's flu season combined with the winter weather has led to an outflow of donations being distributed faster than new ones can be collected.

As someone who literally RAN down the hall, around a corner, and almost locked myself in the doctor's office restroom at the age of 8 to avoid getting shots, I KNOW the thought of being poked with a needle when giving blood can be scary. 

That all changed for me in high school back in Southern California when, in all honesty, I started donating blood on-campus every two months so I could escape class for 1.5-3 hours and receive a coupon for a free Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco from the San Diego County Blood Bank... seriously! The motivation to go may have been bad, but my A+ blood type (easy to remember!) was in great demand and the donations were badly needed. 

Here's the thing, the pain of the needle lasts just a brief moment. However, the people you'll help with your donation are all in immense pain that doesn't go away all the time. Can you imagine hurting ALL the time and being told there aren't enough blood donors to provide the treatment you need?  

PLEASE help donate by visiting the Red Cross donation center on Harry L. Drive in Johnson City. It may hurt for a moment, but it's entirely worth it.

P.S. if you get lightheaded at the thought of needles, TELL the donation center staff! They'll elevate your legs and seat you in a much more comfortable position that reduces or totally eliminates that dizzy feeling. Trust me, I've been there too! 

Read more in the Fox 40 report



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