Tim Tebow Hits First AA Pitch For A Home Run!


It has only been a few days since Tim Tebow moved to Binghamton, but that didn't stop him from making his Rumble Ponies debut in the most epic way possible!

After plenty of anticipation and a home run by talented teammate Peter Alonso, Tebow stepped up to the plate as the seventh Rumble Ponies batter of the night. He immediately slammed his very FIRST PITCH for a 3-score home run! As cold as it was, the crowd that had made it to Rumble Town USA (myself included) went absolutely NUTS!

Side note, there has been a fair amount of negativity leading up to Tebow's first game and frankly, it's getting ridiculous. There's NO need to see everyone and everything in a negative light, especially not an enormously kind, competitive, generous, and hardworking person like Tim Tebow. Whether you like his stats or not, he's a Binghamton Rumble Pony and he's not leaving anytime soon. 

It's also important to address the "there are more players on the team than Tim Tebow" crowd. You'll see them quite a bit commenting on any and all Tebow-related local news stories. To those folks, I say:

1. True. I count more people in Rumble Ponies uniforms on the field and bench than just him. 

2. It's not an either-or situation. You CAN root for ALL the Rumble Ponies and STILL support having Tebow on the team. Rooting for him isn't rooting against the other player and furthermore, last I checked, the extra fans he's drawing in also cheer for the other Rumble Ponies players. Choosing to dislike Tebow off the bat just because he is well-known is nothing more than choosing to be senselessly negative, which means you're also no fun at all at parties. 

For a brief moment while Tebow's home run was in the air, everyone in the stands stood up together and watched. EVERYONE (even the couple of critics sitting near me who were complaining as he stepped up to bat) wanted to see that ball go over the fence... and it did. It was an unforgettable way to start off the season both for Tebow himself and all the fans who endured the chilly evening to witness it.

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