WATCH: Marshmello Shines In First Ever Concert In Fortnite

Marshmello worked his hardest to make millions of Fortnite players "Happier" with a free 10 minute set packed with his top hits in the game's Pleasant Park area Saturday afternoon. The concert was the first of a planned series in the massively popular game and was seen by millions of players around the globe

. Instead of just watching, many of the players showed off their avatar's dance moves (still better than mine) and were also able to interact throughout the show and even FLY as gravity itself was turned on and off. Epic Games (Fortnite's developer) incorporated a number of firework effects into the show along with other effects usually only seen when using certain in-game items. In a very welcome twist, the developer also deactivated all weapons for the duration of the concert so that players could watch the show without some knucklehead blowing their avatar to smithereens.

All in all, the short event was a fun and incredibly unique blend of music from one of the top DJ's on earth along with the community aspect of the biggest multiplayer video game on the planet. I'm not personally a huge Fortnite gamer (Red Dead Redemption 2 takes up all of my gaming freetime), but really look forward to seeing more of these events in the future.There's something special about connecting with friends (even thousands of miles away), talking, and otherwise interacting with eachother in the game all while seeing a big name act do their thing in the virtual world. For some gamers, it was actually the first thing they'd witnessed that even came close to a real life concert.

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