Throwback: Remember Nickelodeon's 'Legends Of The Hidden Temple'?

All Photo & Video Credit: YouTube - Defunctland

I grew up as a 90's kid and out of all of the game shows not called Slime Time Live , Legends Of The Hidden Temple was by far my favorite!

While I definitely wasn't coordinated enough as a kid to appear on the show, I wish it was possible to go back in time and sit in the studio audience to witness one of Nickelodeon's most unique shows in-person. Check out the thorough history of the show above courtesy of the phenomenal Defunctland YouTube channel .

There was something special about seeing the massive temple maze (complete with fearsome temple guards who popped out frequently) along with the moat and tie in to real historical facts that made the show truly unique and kept viewers coming back in droves. The giant talking statue Olmec gave contestants a breakdown of each week's historical theme and artifact via the booming voice of Dee Bradley Baker, who went on to voice countless iconic cartoon and video game characters. Kirk Fogg pulled off his best kid-friendly Indiana Jones impression during his tenure as the show's upbeat host. Filmed at the former Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Orlando, Legends Of The Hidden Temple held auditions of local children from the Orlando area on the backlot then invited the chosen contestants to come back and appear on a taping of the show. Amazingly, producers were able to film 4 episodes of the show PER DAY with each episode featuring 6 teams of children battling it out with a combination of physical challenges and historical trivia.

Sadly, the iconic children's game show only lasted 3 seasons before Nickelodeon cancelled it in the middle of filming an unaired 4th season.

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