WATCH: Netflix's New Game Show 'Flinch' Is Insane


Netflix just dropped a controversial new game show called Flinch and it's one of the strangest ones I've ever seen. The premise is simple.. contestants endure nerve wracking situations (such as having a rat crawl around your face or flamethrowers set off at very close range) and if they flinch, the producers cause them pain.

On one end, some viewers are saying this is monetized torture created for nothing more than making Netflix a quick buck while giving viewers some quick laughs. In fact, some viewers vowed to leave the service entirely because of the show.. though I imagine that a was very vocal few instead of some big trend.

On the other end, some viewers feel that the show is all in good fun with scenarios designed to shock and scare, not never permanently injure contestants or put their lives on the line. In other words.. the show looks more dangerous than it really is.

Scott's take: I think the show is over-the-top with the shock value and that it's over-the-top in a quick attention-grabbing way. When it comes down to it, I think the challenges are nuts, but then again so were some of the ones on Fear Factor. The contestants all agreed to be on the show and likely signed some sort of acknowledgement that they would endure some minor zaps, slaps, and other forms of pain for flinching. Totally understandable if you disagree with the idea of causing anybody else pain... it's the concept of the show It's controversial, but I see no reason to get upset on behalf of the contestants, who are all adults and clearly decided to do the show instead of walking out. They made the choice to participate and we as viewers can make the choice whether or not to watch it.



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