How to watch the SpaceX Dragon Capsule return to Earth this weekend

Photo: Getty

NASA Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley (an Apalachin native) will be coming back down to Earth from the International Space Station this weekend! The duo were the first ever astronauts to ride in a commercial spacecraft and will be the first ones to land in one too. Here is the timeline for this weekend's return from space.

The crew did a press conference earlier today (Friday) and seemed fully confident that their return trip would be smooth. Apparently, Behnken and Hurley will sleep aboard Dragon after undocking from the I.S.S. then wake up, begin more systems checks, don their SpaceX suits (same cool-looking ones they wore for launch), and finally begin their reentry. Be sure to check out their explanation of the process in their press conference footage above!

Here is the link to watch the landing through NASA's YouTube channel.

Saturday, August 1st

9:10 am est - International Space Station goodbye ceremony

5pm est - NASA begins coverage of SpaceX Dragon Capsule undocking and departing the I.S.S.

Sunday, August 2nd

2:42pm est - scheduled splashdown (tune in early!)

Learn more about the landing from NASA