Study finds nearly half of workers surveyed had an office romance

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A new study found that nearly half of the workers they surveyed had at least one office romance and while the number may strike some as unrealistic at first, it's still pretty believable based off of what I've seen at my previous few jobs! More than 1 in 5 workers surveyed admitted to at least three office romances! Important to note that we aren't talking workplace crushes or even nessecarily one night stands, but rather full-fleged romances lasting an average of 10 months each. Wondering if that new boo you meet at work is someone who will last? The study found about 16% of the office romances they studied were still going strong.

What do you think? Are workers here in the U.S. really developing more-than-friends relations in the office as much as the study seems to think? Nearly 50% of workers still seems like a proportion that's little too high to me. If anything, I think working remotely will lead to the number of coworker romances dropping by a good amount.

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