New poll finds many moms want more "Me" time

Photo: Getty

If you're a dad wondering what the perfect Valentine's Day gift is while we're dealing with a pandemic, you may just want to give her a day all to herself!

A new Zuilly poll found:

  • 55% of moms have spent so much time with their partner in 2020 they really just want some “me time” this Valentine’s Day, or any other birthday or holiday coming up.

In fact, so many moms are looking for that magical "me" time that 32% of them would give up their paid time off just to get one weekend to themselves. Additionally, 32% of moms would agree to give up their cell phone for a month to get that same weekend to themselves.

These poll results make perfect sense when you consider just how much extra time people have been spending with their significant other in quarantine. While it can be a blast getting to know them on an even deeper level, it's completely natural to long for time that's for you and only you...without anyone or anything around to distract you. There's no shame in asking for some time to just be alone and do whatever it is you love!