Indiana Jones video game announced by Bethesda and LucasFilm Games

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We're finally getting some good news in 2021! The newly formed Lucasfilm Games recently announced that Bethesda is working with them on a massive new Indiana Jones video game.

The game will be directed by Todd Howard, known as the main creative mind behind The Elder Scrolls games including Oblivion and Skyrim. Machine Games, who made the first-person story-driven first-person shooter games in the Wolfenstein series, will be working with Howard on the Indiana Jones project. Fans of the legendary adventure series can expect a new, original story for the video game. LucasFilm Games will help with developing the lore and story while working in conjunction with the game developers at Machine Games.

While we have no idea when we'll be seeing Indiana Jones hit consoles, all signs point to the game being in early development and at least several years away from release. What sort of features would you like to see in an Indiana Jones video game? Elements of Tomb Raider? It's becoming clear that the game will be a long awaited response to Uncharted, which was Sony's exclusive adventure video game take on Indiana Jones that has been massively popular on PlayStation consoles over the years. Xbox recently acquired Bethesda as a publisher with all studios under it, including Machine Games. To me, this all looks like Xbox's long-awaited response to the success of Uncharted, which clearly took inspiration from Indy's escapades.

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