55% of Americans think they share personality traits with their pet

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A new poll of pet owners led researchers to conclude that 55% of American pet owners believe they share similar personality traits with their pet. The data also suggests that the majority of American pets are more friendly than shy (50% vs 42%), more clingy than aloof (50% vs 35%), more trusting than suspicious (57% vs 31%) and more hyperactive than lazy (51% vs 30%).

Do you think your pet acts at least somewhat like you? My 12 year old cat, who I raised from 2 months and named Possum for some reason, has my EXACT habit of getting really hungry and making a big fuss over getting food then eating three bites before having to take a break. The similarity could be coincidence, but I also know cats are routine-oriented animals who can also latch onto their human's habits and pick up those personality traits in the process.

The poll also identified what top pet personality traits according to owners:


  1. Smart - 62%
  2. Curious - 42%
  3. Funny - 38%

[Click here for the full top 10 list via SWNS Digital]