More people are playing videos games since the pandemic began

Woman sitting on couch, having fun, playing with a gaming console

Woman sitting on couch, having fun, playing with a gaming console

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Three-quarters of Americans need to escape the real world due to the stress of COVID-19, according to new research. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of World of Warships by Wargaming, the survey found 71% of respondents started playing video games more often during quarantine than they were before the pandemic.

It also appears that role-playing games (RPG) are gaining popularity as more Americans play them to get immersed in various stories, characters, that take us out of our own world and problems for a bit. Americans are also picking up older video games and using the blast of nostalgia to distract them from all of this COVID craziness.

Personally, I've gotten lots of joy out of the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 along with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (CJ's problems are bigger than mine), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the original Roller Coaster Tycoon game perfectly ported for mobile devices now FINALLY WITH A SPEED UP TIME FUCTION!

Quarantine has kept us inside enough over the last year to where we started getting more creative with the places we play video games.

The most common places respondents have played video games was admittedly in the middle of a conversation with someone in their household and even at the dinner table.

Another three in 10 respondents working from home admitted to playing video games during a work conference call. I may or may not be able to attest to the joy of doing this.

A further 66% of respondents have reconnected with old friends through gaming during this time – and 63% also said they don’t think they’d be in touch with their friends as much without video games. It's how I stay connected with alot of my family way out in California!

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