Peacock's Frogger TV Competitive TV Show Is Looking For Contestants

Photo: Getty

Frogger has been a video game many of us were familiar with going all the way back to its release in 1981, but now the brand is getting some new life breathed into it in the form of a live action competitive tv series being developed for NBC's Peacock steaming service.

Casting notices have been going around Facebook seeing contestants for the show who have a fondness for the 80s (even if they weren't alive yet), big personality, and a love of physical obstacle course challenges. The Frogger tv show will be filmed beginning in late may on a MASSIVE purpose-built set in Sydney, Australia. That set is said to include variations of many of the obstacles we dodged while playing the Frogger video game.

So how can you apply to potentially be on Frogger?

Click here to go to the casting application and fill out all the reqiured information.

Keep in mind that you'll really want to be thorough on this and not rush through your responses since it can mean the difference between you being chosen to be on the show or not. Ask yourself "do my answers paint a good picture of who I am as a person to the total stranger that will be reading them?" Just like those dreaded college applications, casting applications like this one are all about being yourself (people can smell a fake a mile away), being honest, and showing that beautifully colorful personality of yours! Please let me know if you end up applying so I can potentially watch you on tv later this year!