Regal Binghamton Will Reopen On May 14th

Photo: Getty

I was actually at the last screening at Regal Binghamton before they shut down last year. It's hard to forget the feeling of walking out of The Invisible Man and seeing workers finish covering up all of the equipment at the concession stand and packing away any loose items on the counters. That was the moment when I knew my regular routine of seeing a movie once or twice a week was over for a LONG time.

Thankfully, we finally know when Regal Binghamton, across from SUNY Broome, is opening back up!

Regal Binghamton will be reopening on May 14th according to the chain's website.

As one of the theater's most frequent customers (hoping discount Sundays and Tuesdays are back), I REALLY missed going to Regal and plopping myself down in one of those comfy recliners with a big (refillable) bucket of popcorn drenched in that delicious butter topping I can't get enough of. It was also nice to grab a bite to eat nearby, see a movie, then go walk around Otsiningo Park down the road while digesting the 10391203820812 calories worth of snacks I just consumed.

Regal Binghamton in particular is special to me because it was one of the first places I went when I first got my job here and moved to town. I didn't know anyone in the area at the time and it could get pretty lonely outside of work here at the station for those first few months, but during that time I always knew I could go to the movies down the road from my place, gorge myself on popcorn, and be around other people enjoying something together. It might sound dumb, but going to the movies alone did wonders for my happiness and helped me more at home as I adjusted to life in the Southern Tier and I am so happy to see Regal Binghamton reopening soon!