We Waste an Average of $899 Per Year on Disappointing Online Purchases

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Sometimes the things we buy online don't end up looking anywhere close to what was pictured on the website. While many of us pride ourselves on doing our due diligence before checking out, even the savviest shoppers have received their fair share of disappointing final products. So, how much exactly does the average American spend on these severely underwhelming "return-ready" online purchases?

Turns out, we spend an average of $899 per year on disappointing online purchases. That comes out to a staggering $70,000 wasted per person in the average lifetime! From that pair of shoes that came in the wrong size to that prom dress that ended up looking NOTHING like the original picture, that's alot of underwhelming stuff!

In a recent survey, 2,000 U.S. respondents said they typically spend an average of $899 per year on disappointing online purchases, with clothing (60%), tech (27%) and toys/kid products (25%) topping the list.

What's the most disappointing thing you've ever bought online?

My friend ordered new lounge chairs for his deck and when they arrived, they were miniature doll-house sized chairs! Another time, LONG ago (because I'm getting old), I ordered a PlayStation 2 game called Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2, but when the game arrived in the mail it was an original Playstation (PS1) game called Need For Speed II: Hot Pursuit. At least in that case, I could understand the mix-up!

Here are some other disappointing purchases:

● “I ordered a leather jacket and when it arrived, it was a plastic jacket.”

● “Steaks that tasted like shoes.” (you sure it wasn't vegan steak?!)

● “Supplements to help me lose weight, but I gained weight instead.”

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