Parents Angry at Cafe Using Peppa Pig in Ad Promoting Bacon Sandwich

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"Peppa Pig" is a beloved children's cartoon character both here in the U.S. and over in the U.K. but a recent use of her image in an ad has some parents fuming.

A cafe in Scotland is apparently using the sweet swine to promote a new bacon sandwich on its menu. A sign at Gordon Street Café in Edinburgh featured a chalk-drawn Peppa, a plus sign and a piece of bread to imply that the precious pig is on the menu. Parents have expressed concern that the ad could ruin Peppa Pig for their kids and make them stop watching the show altogether. Unsurprisingly, the vegan parents were especially angry at the ad.

Worth noting that not everyone is upset! One commenter pointed out that people should know what they are eating and that being upset over associating a pig with bacon is just silly.

What do you think? Did the cafe go too far... OR is this a classic case of overreacting to a single sign while there are more pressing things to worry about?

Scott's take: The ad is hilarious and I want some crispy bacon now. Sorry, Peppa.

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