WATCH: Trailer released for Peacock's Frogger TV Show

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We're finally getting a glimpse at the TV competition show adaptation of popular retro video game Frogger that was developed for NBC's Peacock streaming service. The Frogger tv show was filmed starting back in May on a MASSIVE purpose-built set in Sydney, Australia. That set includes classic Frogger obstacles like (fake) snapping alligators and moving vehicles.

The show is hosted by Kyle Brandt and Damon Wayans Jr. While it definitely seems like a fun take on the classic video game, the show seems like a slightly re-themed version of Wipeout. The obstacles all look close to the moving Wipeout obstacles and just based on the trailer, it seems to rely on contestants falling into the water for most of the actual laughs. There's even one part where a contestant jumps across giant bouncy cupcakes that are near identical obstacles to the famous Wipeout big red bouncy balls.

Let's hope Frogger ends up doing enough to differentiate itself from Wipeout and Holey Moley when it hits Peacock August 9th.

looks entertaining

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