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Applebee's Partners With Winky Lux To Create Wing Flavored Lip Gloss

Applebee's Restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

When you think of Applebee's, what's your first thought? For me, it's their wildly underrated pretzel sticks with beer cheese dipping sauce, for others the restaurant is synonymous with the 2 for $20 deal, or maybe you immediately think of the well-decorated dining room ripe with local landmarks and team photos.

What you probably don't think of when you hear Applebee's is....lip gloss. That's right, Applebee's is bringing it's famous wing sauces to the cosmetics market. The restaurant chain teamed up with makeup manufacturer Winky Lux to roll out what they're calling Saucy Gloss.

The collab features four shades that are supposed to taste like Applebee’s wing sauces. The colors and flavors available are:

“Get Me Hot Buffalo” - a creamy coral shade.

“Sweet Chile Kiss” - which is a gold-flecked deep red.

“Be My Honey Pepper” - a golden gloss.

And “Honey BBQ-T” - that’s a smoky burgundy color.

You can buy the collaboration lip gloss for $18 each or $65 for all 4, available here.

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