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Instacart Gives Binghamton A 78/100 Halloween 'Scare Score'

Decorative pumpkins filled with Halloween candy

Photo: leekris / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

Instacart recently dropped a new Halloween trends report giving us a look at the top treats in America this Halloween season.

They also rolled out an interesting new tool that lets you check your area's "Scare Score", which factors in candy, costume, and decoration purchases made on Instacart in any given zip code.

  • Before I jump into the top 10 Halloween candies, here's the Halloween Scare Score for Binghamton

I wanted to see how our local Scare Score stacked up with Syracuse and Rochester and was glad I did!

  1. Binghamton - 78.4
  2. Rochester - 76.5
  3. Syracuse - 70.5 (though downtown Syracuse is just 42.8)

Finally, here are the top Scare Scores in the nation according to Instacart. Think of these areas as the ultimate places to go trick-or-treating.

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